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Outreach. – Jenny Marshall

On Friday mornings, outreach has taken place in the local area. Each week has been different and people go as they feel led of the Holy Spirit. Some go into the open air, some door to door, some visiting hotels and some some just giving out tracts immediately round the church. There have been many blessings. Market traders, people in coffee shops, holiday makers, hotel staff, and locals are those to whom the Word has been given. Nationals have included Japanese, Polish, Lebanese, Chinese, Pakistani, Indian, Indonesian etc – or Christ would have all men saved.
Religions which have been challenged have been Roman Catholic, Buddist, Islam, and a variety of nominal Christians. Reactions have varied greatly, ranging from anger (often revealing a religious rather than a Christian spirit) to welcoming the placing of lierature in both the Chinese & Polish delicatessens.
Peter has distributed a multitude of Daily Bread booklets which gently introduce people to the reading of the scripture.
I took our Polish friends to Morecambe where there is a lovely outreach  to the Polish people. Our vision is based on opening charity shops in places where Polish people are regular customers. There they are able to have access to all kinds of information, including being able to hear the Good News. The profit of this store we would like to dedicate to the spreading the Kingdom of God amongst Polish people in England, and also to help churches in some small towns in Poland. We would appreciate any help our English friends could give. I believe that what we are trying to accomplish will not solve all social problems regarding Polish immigration but will help some to settle down and feel more like home. We pray that by our work, the Polish people will meet Jesus as their Saviour. Krysztof Lesnick, Polish Pastor working in Morecambe.
A young Polish man working in Leeds recently hung himself, because his wife back in Poland deserted him. Oympia spoke to his father who came to take his body back home. She reports that many have never been invited to an English home and sometimes there is no one to tun to.


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