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Pastor Geof Marshall

MP3 sermon help .

If you're running Microsoft Windows then your computer is already capable of playing MP3 files using the Windows Media Player. If you don't want to use Windows Media Player then there are many alternative players available for download on the internet. Some programs capable of playing MP3 files include Winamp, iTunes, Quicktime and Real Player.

Streaming vs downloading

When you stream a recording, you only have to wait for a few seconds before the playback starts. If you disconnect from the internet, however, the playback will stop. If you want to listen to the sermon again at a later date, you will have to be connected to the internet in order to do so.

When you download a recording it is saved on your computer, so you can listen to it as many times as you want without needing to be connected to the internet. However, you have to wait for the entire file to be downloaded before you can start listening to it. The files are 3 - 5 megabytes, so each one may take a couple of minutes.

To download.

Select Sermons and the recording you want to download.

Open the recording into the smaller window.

Select the file menu, and then save page option.

To stream.

Click on the on the sermon you want to listen to.
This will start the player and after a few seconds you should hear the sermon start playing.

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