FishBible Pattern Church
1. Colin Le Noury
2,3 Mike Mellor
4. Rev Steve Carling
5,6 Angus MacLeod
7,8 Colin Le Noury
9,10 Colin Le Noury
11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 21 Angus MacLeod
16,17, 20,22 Ian Jamieson

1. Rev. Colin Le Noury, PWMI PO Box 109 Leyland, Lancashire, UK PR25 1WB

2. Mike Mellor worked for years in the newspaper and music businesses, during which time he spiralled down into the chaotic life of an alcoholic. After conversations with a work colleague he was dramatically converted to Christianity. He then studied at the South Wales Bible College and went on to pastor of churches in South Wales and Central London. After serving as a staff evangelist with the Open Air Mission in Bournemouth, he was invited to join the pastoral team at Moordown in November 2008. He is still married to his long-suffering wife Gwen and they have four married daughters.
Since experiencing the love and power of Jesus to change lives it has been his deepest desire that all who walk this earth should know Him also.